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Sansone Law, LLC

I represent victims of personal injury and their families from the simple car accident to complicated multi-million medical malpractice and product liabilty cases.  All initial consultations are absolutely free of charge and you do not pay us a dime if we do not collect for you.

Please visit our lawfirm site at for further information.   

We are Missouri and Illinois personal injury lawyers. We routinely represent our clients in all types of injury cases, ranging from car and truck accidents to complex medical malpractice and products liability cases.

Advocates for Victims of Personal Injury

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Defective Products
  • Premises Liability
  • Wrongful Death
  • Motor vehicle Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Drunken Driving Accidents
  • Dram Shop/Bar Owner Liability


$4,500,000.00 - Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death
(Confidential Settlement - 2007)

Missouri  Wrongful  Death claim and massive settlement as the result of the surgeon's negligence in treating post-op gastric bypass Complications.  Read more about Missouri Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death Settlement. 

$1,000,000.00 Settlement - Medical Malpractice
(Parties and specific facts subject to Confidentiality agreement)

Doctor failed to properly treat post-op complications after a gastric bypass (stomach stapling) procedure.  Our Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

$500,000.00 - Settlement - Illinois Worker's Compensation
Easton v. Phoenix Fabricators & Erectors, March 2008

Worker fell to his death from a water tower in Arkansas.  Under Arkansas work comp law the damage cap is about $200,000 for a death case, however, we argued that because the worker was an Illinois resident and was hired over the phone that Illinois work comp law should apply to this death case, thus raising the damage limit.

$$$ - Confidential Settlement - $$$
Missouri Home Healthcare Nurse Malpractice
Daniels v. CAP & Allen, St Louis Circuit Court, 2007

Home health care nurse negligently failed to test the shower water for a paraplegic patient resulting in burn injuries requiring prolonged hospital stay and several surgeries. Settlement after filing lawsuit in St Louis City, Missouri. Missouri Burn Injury and Nursing Negligence Case

$146,000.00 Jury Verdict - Quantum Meruit
Meyers v. Dorsett (St Louis County, 8/23/2005)

$100,000.00 Settlement - Missouri Motorcycle Accident
Yeager v. Dawson (Franklin County Missouri - 2/2008)

Phantom vehicle slammed on brakes causing defendant driver to swerve and strike motorcyclist, throwing him from his motorcycle.  Policy limits tendered after lawsuit filed and discovery completed.  Case still pending  against  motorcyclist's uninsured motorist coverage for negligence of  phantom vehicle driver.

$80,000.00 Total Settlement
$60,000.00  Settlement - Medical Malpractice
$20,000.00 Settlement - Worker's Compensation

M.A.E. v. Dr Smith, M.D. (confidentiality agreement), 2006

Doctor negligently performed a de Quevain's release due to carpal tunnel type symptoms. Sciatic nerve was negligently cut causing numbness to the dorsal part of client's hand. Zero offer until 2 days before trial.  Missouri Work Comp and Medical Malpractice Settlement - Cut Nerve    

Total Settlement - $80,000.00
    $50,000.00 Settlement - Pedestrian/Bus Accident
      $30,000.00 Settlement - Worker's Compensation
Lehnen v, Greyhound Lines, Inc.
United States District Court - Southern District IL, 2005

Client was hit by a bus and suffered a head injury. The medical was covered by worker's compensation insurance as he was traveling between work sites when the injury occurred.   We recovered $30,000 in worker's comp for our client and then filed suit against Greyhound Bus Lines for negligence, the case was settled for $50,000.00. Bus hits pedestrian

$100,000.00 (Policy Limits) Settlement - Automobile Accident
Crtichell v. Hanover Insurance Company, July 2004

Motor vehicle injury case that was rejected by other law firms due to conflicting witness statements.  Client came to me through referral and we were able to recover policy limits of $100,000 despite insurance set-off clauses for UIM coverage.  Missouri  Vehicle  Injury - UIM Limits  - No Set off

$30,000.00 Jury Verdict - Automobile Accident
Rarick v. Wanner, Cause # 052-00265 (2/2007)

Low impact motor vehicle accident wherein the defendant claimed her vehicle hydroplaned and struck the back of my client's car.  Judge granted a directed verdict on liability, meaning only the issue of damages went to the jury. Offer before trial, $13,500 - Jury Verdict - $30,000.  Rear Impact Jury Verdict    

$65,000.00 Settlement - Automobile Accident
Mosley v. Cusumano, (12/2004)

Chain reaction rear end collision.  Client injured his neck and had a closed head injury from the impact.  He underwent emergency room treatment, diagnostics, and physical therapy.  The case was settled for $65,000 prior to filing a lawsuit. 

$45,000.00 Settlement - Automobile Accident
Glenda Jacobs v. Charles Hubble, Boone County (6/2007)

Truck changed lanes on highway I-70 without yielding to our client, Ms Jacobs.  The side impact forced Ms. Jacobs off the road and her reaction of stiffening up and holding the wheel caused some shoulder impingement. The case settled for $45,000.00 as a result of a significant increase in the insurance company's offer a few  days before the trial.  Truck Accident Injury Lawyer - Settlement

$55,000.00 Settlement - Truck Accident
Teague v. Brennnan & Fireman's Fund Insurance (12/2007)

Client suffered a knee injury as result of a truck losing control on the highway and forcing him to crash into the median.  Torn meniscus cartilage and $14,000 in medical bills.  Recovered from primary insurance and uninsured motorist coverage as the at fault driver claimed an unidentified semi truck forced him to lose control of his vehicle.

$25,000.00 (Policy Limits) Settlement - Automobile Accident
Daniels v. Thomas, (10/2006)

Client was run off the road after being cut off by defendant on Mexico Rd. in St Charles Missouri.  Client underwent emergency room care and physical therapy.  Approximately $7,000 in medical bills, case settled for policy limits.     

$25,000 (Policy Limits) Settlement - Automobile Accident
Lauber v. Graham, (2/2005)

Rear end collision resulting in emergency room care and physical therapy.  Approximately $8,000 in medical bills, settled for policy limits of $25,000.

$20,000.00 Settlement - Slip and Fall
Holder v. Dollar General, (7/2005)

Client tripped and fell on a loose tile in a Dollar General Store in Illinois.  She incurred approximately $2,000 in medical bills and had ongoing symptoms of pain in her neck and back.  The case settled within a week of trial for $20,000. 

$20,000.00 Settlement - Playground Injury
Dylan Reital v. Savannah R-III School District, (9/2006)

Child was unsupervised while on the jungle gym and fell spraining his wrist.  In addition to the failure to supervise we also alleged improper surface below the jungle gym and hired an expert from Playcom to opine regarding the unsafe surface and how easily safe alternatives are to put into place. Case settled shortly after the lawsuit was filed. Playground Injury Settlement

$25,000.00 (Policy Limits) Settlement - Uninsured Motorist Claim
Weeley v. Allstate, (9/2004)

Client was in a motor vehicle operated by an uninsured motorist when the vehicle overturned in raining weather.  Client sustained injuries to his neck. 

Sansone Law, LLC is managed by attorney Benjamin J. Sansone, Esq. and is based in St Louis (Clayton), Missouri. We routinely practice and represent individuals and businesses throughout Missouri and Illinois in the Federal, State, and Local Courts. The primary focus of our practice is helping our clients obtain the money damages they deserve in all injury related cases. Ben Sansone's office also regularly represents individuals charged with a Felony, misdemeanor, or ordinance violation in Federal, State and Local Courts.

For all of our clients we maintain a simple and important philosophy, "We Work for you!"

Customer service is as important in the legal profession as it is in any other industry. With this in mind, Ben Sansone and his staff make special efforts to give our clients a high level of service. We achieve this goal in a straight forward manner: We return phone calls; we meet personally with our clients; we take the time necessary to answer questions and explain all aspects your case. In short, we recognize that the manner in which we treat our clients has a direct effect on our level of success, we want each client to leave our office knowing that we did all that we could to achieve the best possible result.

All cases: Initial consultation with attorney Ben Sansone is ALWAYS Free of Charge.

Injury cases: No costs or fee unless we recover for you.

Please Call : 314-726-1817

Please Call : 314-726-1817

St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

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